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Portland Transit makes use of TriMet's developer resources to bring a full interface to transit information for Android users. It allows you to quickly and easily look up arrival times for any stop that TriMet reports. This includes all MAX stops, bus stops, and WES stops (unfortunately Streetcar times are not currently available). The major features of Portland Transit include:

  • Lookup times by Stop ID
  • Lookup stops by route / line
  • Save commonly used stops / trips
  • View any stop in maps
  • Plan trips (with speech recognition and previous-entry memory)
  • Add stop shortcuts to Home
  • Use radar/maps to find stop
  • Find nearby stops
  • See any route on a map (with stops)
  • Strobe function for flagging busses at night
  • One-click calling of TriMet
  • Nicknaming for saved stops


Portland Transit Main Menu Find a stop with the map Find a stop with the radar Search for nearby stops Plan a trip See multiple trip options Find a stop by it's route Favorite commonly used stops and trips View the upcoming arrivals at a stop See the service alerts currently in effect View system maps and find stops View a stop on the map Phone TriMet Save a shortcut to a commonly used stop to Home Use the strobe to flag down busses

More Info

Price: $4.99
Download from: Google Play


Will you add feature X?

I'm always interested to hear ideas for possible features, but I can't guarantee they will be added. I'm attempting to keep Portland Transit as simple/clean as possible to use so I don't want to add too much bloat to it.

Why is the scheduling information occasionally inacurate?

I wish I knew! The scheduling data comes directly from TriMet's servers, so Portland Transit should be as accurate as any other source (including TriMet's site). The only advice I can offer is that you should pay attention to the wording on the schedule page for a stop. If TriMet has a pretty good idea when the bus/max/etc will be there then it will read "Estimated: X minutes (HH:MM)" otherwise they'll just pass the scheduled time and it will read "Scheduled: X minutes (HH:MM)".

What is the strobe for?

For flagging down busses at night! TriMet says "To help avoid accidental pass-ups, wear light-colored clothing and wave your cell phone, flashlight or safety strobe to alert the operator as your bus approaches." I'm just trying to make it easier for you.

Portland Transit 15.09.5 Released

- Fixed bug that was causing Plan Trip to return trips for incorrect times.

13:40 22 Sept 2015

Portland Transit 15.09.4 Released

- Fixed Plan Trip bug.
- Other small improvements.
- Updated routes.

23:45 18 Sept 2015

Portland Transit 13.09.1 Released

- Updated routes database.

23:34 26 Sept 2013

Portland Transit 13.04.1 Released

- Full support for both Streetcar lines.
- Updated routes database.
- Stops which have both buses and streetcar will no longer only show times for streetcar.

03:17 8 Sept 2013

Portland Transit 12.09.1 Released

- Updated routes database.
- Fixed issue with some Home screen shortcuts (may require recreating shortcuts).

03:17 8 Sept 2012

Portland Transit 11.08.1 and 11.09.1 Released

- Moved UI to a new dark theme.
- Added first-use popup showing how to search for StopIDs.
- Made the Stop ID search use the numeric keyboard by default.
- Added image to differentiate Streetcar arrivals.
- Having both origin and destination locations being unknown when planning a trip will no longer get the app confused.
- Pressing back during the schedule lookup will no longer freeze the app.
- Added more graphics for higher-density devices.
- Made most lists remember their position should you come "back" to them.
- The stop id search dialog will now request that the on-screen keyboard automatically appear.
- The stop id search dialog will no longer pre-fill the last search if it's still in memory.
- Ended support for pre-2.1 devices.
- Stopped using Flurry analytics.
- Added landscape support for main menu screen.
- Nearby stop finder will no longer crash in specific orientaitons.
- Tablets should work now (instead of black-screening).

03:17 8 Sept 2011

Portland Transit 11.07.1 Released

- Updated entire UI to have a completely new look.
- Added the ability to install the app to external storage (e.g., an SD Card) on 2.2+ devices.
- Made it so that the routes cache can update with new versions.
- Added system maps for every route.
- Removed Rail Maps.
- Added the EXPERIMENTAL feature of being able to find times for Streetcar stops.
- Unknown locations when planning a trip will now present a list of candidate locations.
- Made it so that the "Nearby Stops" screen will allow you to "Use displayed location" as soon as a location is displayed.
- Fixed issue in the underlying library that occasionally prevented the arrivals from displaying correctly on a stop's page.
- Many other buy fixes and minor feature additions.

14:52 26 July 2011

Portland Transit 10.04.2 and 10.04.3 Released

- Fixed several edge-case Force Close problems.
- Made the network lookups more gracefully handle being canceled.
- Added a workaround to a bug in the web service.

17:15 13 April 2010

Portland Transit 10.04.1 Released

- Adjusted the way that Plan Trip looks for your location.
- Fixed bug that prevented Plan Trip from working if the maximum value was chosen for the walking disatance.
- Fixed font-sizing problem on Motorola Droids running 2.1.
- Realigned layout for Menu screen.
- Changed widget background images on Menu screen.

11:50 12 April 2010

Portland Transit 10.03.2, 10.03.3, and 10.03.4 Released

- Fixed bugs affecting user's ability to lookup nearby stops.
- Updated routes database.
- Fixed bug where users of some devices running Android 1.5 would have the keyboard auto-popup on the main menu page.
- Altered some minor visual styling elements.
- Fixed bug where users of Android 1.5 (Cupcake) couldn't view the service alerts.
- Fixed bug where old incoming launchers would no longer work.

10:40 31 March 2010

Portland Transit 10.03.1 Released

- Added clickable Rail Map.
- Added screen for service Alerts.
- Added built-in Help section.
- Added notices for canceled and delayed arrivals to stop display screen.
- Added a way to remove stops from the favorite list on long-click.
- Added the ability to favorite trips.
- Added a link to Trimet's stop webpage to the Display Stop screen.
- Added a link to Trimet's route webpage to the Display Stop screen (long-press a time).
- Added a way to plan a trip to/from a location to the Display Stop screen.
- Added caching to the Routes list and made it use an "expandable" display.
- Added the ability to save Trips.
- Completely reworked the Plan Trip screen. Now allows using saved stops, my location, has fewer unused options, and a better UI all-around.
- Completely reworked the Near By stops screen to use a map to show current/target accuracy and to show the stops' location/direction.
- Moved About section into Help.
- Renamed Saved Stops to Favorites.
- Updated arrival indicator graphics to use the "gloss" style on medium-density screens.
- Changed the "you are here" pointer on the Map Finder screen to better reflect Google Maps style.
- Rewrote the network stack and open sourced it as androidTrimet. It now uses less memory and is faster.
- Stop Display screen no longer shows the "banding" in the title bar and there's shadowing on the text.
- Updated UI backgrounds on several screens.
- Fixed bug where Stop Display screen didn't properly respect preference for 12/24 hour format.
- Fixed bug where when using on-screen keyboard to plan a trip the "Next" button didn't respond.
- Fixed bug where when going from a stop on the favorites list to it's display page you'd get a flash of an empty list.
- Fixed bug where if you rotated a stop display screen the Favorite button wouldn't display it's state correctly.
- Fixed bug where the "you are here" compass on the map finder screen didn't take into consideration a layout rotation.
- Fixed bug where network (API) lookups would fail if a screen rotation took place mid-lookup.
- Fixed bug where failed network (API) lookups would would cause the app to crash if there was no connectivity.
- Fixed bug where Stop Display screen wouldn't wait until a stop had loaded to start the refresh countdown.

17:00 5 March 2010

Portland Transit 9.12.1 Released

- Split the Nearby Stops functionality into several screens.
- Added setting to keep screen on while a Nearby lookup is taking place.
- Added option to manually override accuracy on Nearby Stops lookup.
- Added better status messages to Nearby stops.
- Fixed bug where Plan Trip would occasionally fail with no error.

09:58 23 December 2009

Portland Transit 9.11.6 and 9.11.7 Released

- Made it so that the "Plan Trip" screen will remember/suggest previously entered addresses.
- Made it so that the stop display screen auto-updates.
- Completely reworked the stop display screen's UI.
- Reworked the stop display screen's menu (removed several items and added a "Main" screen button).
- Fixed several typos in the app's content.
- Improved the UI on several of the error screens.
- Fixed bug where devices still running Android 1.5 would encounter errors with the map-based stop finder.
- Improved Flurry Analytics integration so I could better diagnose errors on user's devices.

03:08 24 November 2009

Portland Transit 9.11.5 Released

- Added Flurry Analytics so I could better tell what platforms people are running. Don't worry, no user identifiable information is transmitted.

08:20 16 November 2009

Portland Transit 9.11.4 Released

- Fixed bug where devices still running Android 1.5 would use some incorrect graphics.

03:45 9 November 2009

Portland Transit 9.11.3 Released

- Added new icon for high-density devices.
- Removed the periodic "Annoyer" screen that would request fedback.
- Fixed bug where the "Route Listing" screen would occasionally have the wrong title.
- Fixed bug where using the on-screen keyboard on the "Main" screen's Stop ID input could cause double lookups.

18:00 7 November 2009

Portland Transit 9.11.2 Released

- Added high-density graphics for newer devices (such as the Motorola Droid).
- Reworked the "Main" screen's layout to work with devices with alternate screen sizes.
- Changed the Stop ID input field on the "Main" screen to bring up the number pad for on-screen keyboards.
- Changed the address input fields on the "Plan Trip" screen to bring up an address keyboard for on-screen keyboards.
- Changed Refresh menu item in the "Display Stop" page to use a new image.

20:00 6 November 2009

Portland Transit 9.10.1 Released

- Fixed bug in "Plan Trip" where users who hadn't specified a default date format would experience a Force Close.
- Updated "Plan Trip" UI to make it more fluid for users who don't want to specify additional options.

17:50 19 October 2009

Portland Transit 9.09.1 Released

- Added the ability to use networks for determing "Near By" location.
- Added speech recognition to "Plan Trip".

00:20 25 September 2009

Portland Transit 9.06.4 Released

- Made it so that "Home" shortcuts don't respect the application history (hitting the back button will exit). This only works with new shortcuts.
- Added the ability to customize "Near By" GPS accuracy.
- Added golbal settings to the "Main" screen.
- Moved the Standard/Metric units preference from "Find with Map" to the global preferences.
- Made it so that when one adds a shortcut the EditText is single-line only and an "enter" keypress will save the shortcut.

20:00 15 July 2009

Portland Transit 9.06.03 Released

- Made the "Main" screen's buttons use modified 1.5 buttons (instead of 1.1 buttons).
- Improved "Home" lightbulb icon for strobe button.
- Moved all "Home" screen icon text over to Droid Sans.
- Made "Home" icons narrower to fit w/ new button styles (including removing the "call" from "call trimet").

20:00 15 July 2009

Portland Transit 9.06.2 Released

- Fixed bug where the "Plan Trip" screen would Force Quit in Landscape mode

20:00 15 July 2009

Portland Transit 9.06.1 Released

- Fixed bug where if you exited the "Find with Map" screen the GPS would stay on.
- Fixed bug where you couldn't cancel out of the shortcut creation screen.
- Fixed bug where on the 20th run the "Thanks" screen would appear blank (cupcake).
- Added CloseBy stops lookup.
- UI changes to the main menu screen (added "Close By" button, tweaked layout).
- Removed Streetcar from the routes since I can't seem to get data for them.
- Made many of the messages "cuter".
- Added stop id to DisplaySchedule screen.
- Added link to twitter user's page on About screen.

20:00 15 July 2009